Some of the hats Damon has worn have been as a musician & performer, audio engineer, small business owner, low-voltage electrician, and oyster farmer.   Hailing from New England and Nova Scotia he now resides on the coast of Maine after 20 years in Boston.  Playing the fiddle since childhood he is mostly retired from performing, although he tours once a year with THE IRISH COMEDY TOUR who in 2019 released a one hour video special on all major platforms.   When not our on the oyster farm, chopping firewood or volunteering he is employed as the technical director at Lincoln Theater.

Join Damon & members of The Irish Comedy Tour on tour in 2023 or watch their one hour comedy special unlike any other as it follows these hilarious Irish & Irish-American comedian’s on-stage, back-stage, and on the road across America as they tear apart as well as validate all of the Irish myths and stereotypes.