From a young age Damon took things apart. Now he mostly builds things.

Live Art Technologies, LLC is solely owned and operated by Damon Leibert and provides audio-visual services, design & repair, and consulting for small businesses and the arts. An authorized reseller and dealer of pro audio visual equipment, he has been providing service for clients since 1999.

On stage and off stage, Damon grew up learning the production of live events. His broad experience lends itself to understanding the tools we use for making magic happen on stage. He was a co-owner of Bluetone Studio for 14 years and a co-founder of Hemlock Ink before becoming the managing director of The Rockwell in Somerville, MA. He currently serves as the technical director of the Lincoln Theater in Damariscotta, ME.

Damon is proud to say that all of the businesses he has founded, owned or managed are all still thriving with or without him. Please visit the links to the check them out!

Damon Volunteers as a licensed amateur radio operator with the local emergency management agency and the Lincoln County RACES team.

Work includes, and is not limited to:

  • Audio/visual:  System design, sales, installation, repair service, & consulting. 
    Damon has been working as an audio engineer since the 1990s and is a trained violinist with discerning hearing.
  • Low-voltage electrical: Working in tandem with licensed electrical contractors LAT provides the tech-savvy knowledge electricians too often lack with the electronics they power.  Telephone, managed networks, WiFi, cable, satellite, LED lighting, and custom build designs are just some of the projects often completed.
  • Sound Reinforcement:  For 15 Years LAT provides sound reinforcement for concerts and festivals. 
  • Live Recording: After 13 years of co-owning/operating Bluetone Studio in Somerville, MA, Damon still maintains equipment for recording on location. 
  • Graphic Design: Photoshop expertise since 1998, Co-founder Hemlock Ink in 2003, digital video editor (Adobe)