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Musician, performer, audio engineer, technical director, small business owner, low-voltage electrician, foodie, and oyster farmer. Hailing from New England and Nova Scotia he now resides on the coast of Maine after 20 years in Boston.

Most widely known as a traditional fiddle player Damon was born into a musical family and picked up the fiddle at the age of four.  By the mid-1980s he was playing music for traditional dances throughout New England with his father Peter Leibert, a well respected dance caller, musician, artist and teacher.  While his formative years were spent in Nova Scotia and New England, he settled in Boston after completing his degree in music and was quickly adopted into the Irish music community and the Boston music scene.   His unique and energetic style of fiddle playing has been described as “Ingenious” by Steve Morse (WBOS/The Boston Globe) and lies somewhere between the driving dance beat of Cape Breton and the lyrical music of Ireland. Adept at movement and dance whilst playing he has worked on stage in theater and in dance and currently tours nationally with The Irish Comedy Tour as a fiddle playing leprechaun.

When not playing music Damon has had a varied career.  His grandfather was a electrical engineer & inventor and was influential on Damon’s interest in technology.  He became a licensed FCC radio operator at the age of 13, and was involved with community theater at a younger age where he started to work on the other side of the curtain with audio and lighting.   This foundation was instrumental in his technical work in the arts and since then he has:  He co-owned/operated a commercial recording studio for 13 years, co-founded a screen printing company, worked as a live sound engineer and culminating in his low-voltage contracting company Live Art Technologies (LAT) which is a authorized reseller/dealer of pro-audio and visual equipment.

In 2015 he was asked to manage The Davis Square Theater in Somerville, MA where he renovated and rebranded the venue as The Rockwell.  After two years as managing director he relocated to the mid coast of Maine to become technical director of the historic Lincoln Theater.

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